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Luisa Fernanda

Federico Moreno Torroba

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Plácido Domingo and Nancy Herrera, alongside José Bros and Mariola Cantarero, star in this brilliant production of Luisa Fernanda, directed by Jesús López-Cobos. Located in the Elizabethan Madrid, in the year of 1868, Luisa Fernanda contains some of the most inspired numbers of zarazuela, which has given it enormous popularity since its premiere at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid on March 26, 1932. The work is a perfect sample of the melodic orchestrations created by Federico Moreno Torroba, one of the last great composers of zarazuela.

ConductorJesús López Cobos

DirectorEmilio Sagi

CastPlácido Domingo | Nancy Herrera Mariola Cantarero | José Bros Raquel Pierotti | Federico Gallar Javier Ferrer

Number of acts3

Sung inSpanish


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