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An evening with Crystal Pite LIVE

Owen Beltoni

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An Evening With Crystal Pite includes a new commission, Parade, and a reworked version of the 2008 Frontier. They’re complementary but contrasting works that reflect the 42-year-old choreographer’s continuing quest to understand the true nature of human existence; a quest for meaning that Pite explores with enormously imaginative theatrical flair and a welcome sense of humour. Both works demonstrate Pite’s often quirky movement style, a mix of the ballet culture she grew up in and the daring experimentalism she later learned as a dancer in the Frankfurt company of trail-blazing choreographer William Forsythe. They also reflect her fascination with puppets and puppetry. Are we all the puppets of an impersonal universe, she asks, or do we have some control?

ChoreographerCrystal Pite

Date of performance2013-02-07

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