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Antonio Vivaldi

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Caligula is Nicolas Le Riche’s first choreography for the Ballet de l’Opéra National de Paris. Intrigued by the complex and troubling personality of the Roman emperor, the choreographer evokes the torments of a frail man capable of loving the moon and idolizing his horse, a man impassioned by theatre and constantly playing a role himself. Nicolas Le Riche overturns clichés and embarks upon an intimate exploration of a rich and complex personality.

Built in the style of Racine’s tragedy, the ballet is structured in five acts, three scenes with four pantomime interludes. The story conforms to the rule of the three units of time, place and action.

Accompanied by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which illustrates the irremediable passage of time, the dance, in all its depth and energy, translates the poetry and the violence inherent in a life consumed at lightning speed by excess.


ConductorFrédéric Laroque

DirectorDaniel Jeanneteau

ChoreographerNicolas Le Riche

CastLes Étoiles | les Premiers Danseurs et le Corps de Ballet

Number of acts4 acts

Date of performance2011-02-08

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