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Bodas de Sangre | Suite Flamenca

Emilio De Diego, Perelló y Monreal, Felipe Campuzano

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Bodas de Sangre In 1974 Antonio Gades would take a huge step forward for Spanish dance with the creation of his ballet Blood Wedding, or Bodas de Sangre, based on the play by Federico García Lorca, who in turn was inspired by the news of an incident that took place in Nijar in 1928. It was adapted for ballet by Alfredo Mañas, who had already collaborated with Antonio ten years before in Don Juan. Suite Flamenca The dances with which Antonio Gades began his solo career in about 1963 were gradually shaped into the numbers that would become the Suite Flamenca five years later, eight pieces of traditional flamenco dance presented from Gades’ own angle. This Suite was performed by his company, including, among others, Cristina Hoyos, his dance partner for more than twenty years, who in turn had replaced Curra Jiménez, Antonio’s partner in the early years.

ChoreographerAntonio Gades

CastVanesa Vento | Joaquín Mulero Maite chico | Ángel Gil

Number of acts2 parts

Total running time1st part 43 min | 2nd part 68 min

Running time by act43' Bodas de Sangre | 68' Suite Flamenca

SubtitlesNo subtitles needed

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