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Lohengrin in Cinemas with Anna Netrebko

Netrebko’s first Wagner role as Elsa in Lohengrin was received with wide acclaim. Have you read Bachtrack’s review?

“A remarkable performance never to be forgotten”.

“This Elsa was no damsel in distress. Even in Act I, she held her own against her accusers; she was a kind and sympathetic friend to Ortrud in false distress in Act II, and then unleashed her frustration towards Lohengrin in Act III. She was an independent woman who fell in love with a man unable to offer her what she sought: complete trust and openness. Even in this initial outing, it was a unique and thrilling assumption. Netrebko tirelessly unleashed waves of beautiful and continuous sounds; her long breaths made it possible for her to linger luxuriously over her notes – a dream Elsa”. Read more…

This January 2018 in cinemas worldwide!

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